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Musical Mama With Oils

Welcome to my little corner of the internet! I am a Christian Homeschooling Mom who is passionate about helping equip others with natural health solutions.


My Story...

2007-2008 was one of the hardest years for me as a mom. I had three little ones and two were constantly sick. From strep to ear infections, I spent almost every week at the pediatrician’s office. Two surgeries for kids that year after over a year of constant antibiotics and we were left with gut issues, anxiety and even less sleep. My oldest was put on melatonin to sleep and I felt helpless. There had to be something I could do to stop running to the pediatrician and pumping my kids full of medicine. 


Our chiropractor opened my eyes to some natural ways I could treat things like ear pain and we started learning about natural health solutions. That is when I came across essential oils.


I started out using a company that could only be purchased through a specific doc’s office. The prices were outrageous and while they seemed to take the edge off of the sleep and anxiety, they weren’t quite enough. I started looking into other oil companies and found Doterra. I was impressed with their third party testing. This company was willing to be transparent with process, they were supporting farmers around the world who were already growing the plants indigenously, and they were using their money to give back to communities, fight trafficking and improve people’s lives. Plus I could order whenever I wanted and the prices were much more reasonable. I reached out to a friend who sold Doterra and started with Serenity oil to help with sleep. Within a week my daughter had weaned off of melatonin. The rest is history. I now use Doterra oils to treat nearly every ailment my family has- these products are improving our health AND now providing me with side hustle to share these products with others and bless my family in the process. 

A few years later I started learning about using herbs to benefit our health as well. The combination of quality essential oils with herbal tinctures has made a huge difference in the overall health of my family- from energy levels to hormone balance and treating illness, I feel blessed to have these non toxic solutions at my finger tips and my desire is to make it easier for you to do the same. 


I love learning how to use the plants that God has provided to care for my family, and I want to help others to have the same peace of mind to know what to do when illness hits. So take a look around, purchase Earthley products or Doterra essential oils and come follow me on social media when I share more about how to use these products, and life as a homeschooling mom, all while striving to give  glory to the God who made it all!

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